Our Expertise

Our Scouting service is being actively leveraged by large global conglomerates in industries such as clean technology, engineering, software, education, mobile apps, etc. Some of the key global scouting assignments we have successfully completed in the past are;

  •  Software for Distributed Energy Systems
  •  Energy Analytics and Smart Cities software
  •  Automation Software for Smart Homes
  •  Industrial Robotics
  •   Energy Harvesting Devices
  •   Hospitality
  •  IoT Hardware and Wearable Devices
  •  Educational Content and e-learning
  •  Defense & Aerospace Engineering Technologies
  •  Oil & Gas Analytics Software
  •  Compressor Technologies

At Scaale Exit, the company sale process is optimized to ensure timely deliverables. We are strongly engulfed in the global ecosystem of ventures, corporates and investors, having worked on multiple transactions in industries such as;

  • IT (Cloud, Enterprise Software)
  • Big Data &Analytics
  • Robotics (Personal Robotics, Industrial Robotics & Academic)
  • Educational Technologies
  • Travel technology
  • Biotechnology (Pharma, Reference Materials, Nutraceuticals)
  • Clean Technology
  • Digital Media (Online Marketplaces, B2B Internet)
  • Telecommunications